Materials Used in Quality Wholesale Towels In 2023

Towels from synthetic microfiber can be absorbent but not soft like those from natural fabrics. Wholesale towels manufactured from natural resources offer better absorbency and durability. Below are the materials used in quality wholesale towels:


Bamboo is a raw material used to manufacture quality towels. Towels produced from bamboo do not fade and shrink and retain their shape. Bamboo towels have a high absorption property; they are soft and silky, making them suitable for bath and kitchen towels.

Bamboo towels dry quickly, and the smooth towel material is absorbent, breathable, silky, and soft. The natural antibacterial trait of bamboo helps stop bacteria from growing in moist towels. Bamboo materials allow for quicker moisture distribution, less leakage when compressed, superior hold, and greater retention.


As a naturally available material, cotton is preferred by many towel users. Cotton is one of the most used materials in manufacturing quality wholesale towels. Natural fibers in cotton make it soft and comfortable on the skin.

Cotton also has high absorbency properties and is easy to wash, making it suitable for producing bath towels. Cotton fiber also dyes well and does not lose its color.


Lyocell is a quality towel material obtained from wood sources. The material is made with synthetic substances and wood cellulose.

Lyocell is soft and gentle on the skin and absorbs moisture fast. Lyocell produces quality towel textiles that are washable, durable, and do not shrink. It is breathable and does not harbor germs.


Microfiber is a type of fine artificial material fiber, produced from polyester, polypropylene, and polyamide. Microfiber towels are mostly made from a combination of polyamide and polyester.

Polyester offers the structure of the cloth, and polyamide increases the absorption and thickness of the towel. Synthetic microfibers are smaller in width. Microfibers are also lightweight, quick-drying, have superior absorption, and are very compact.


Linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant and a raw material for manufacturing towels. The linen fabric is strong and durable, dries faster, and becomes softer when washed. Linen material is good for all kinds of towels. It has both anti-static and anti-microbial properties. They are thin and use less space in wardrobes and bathrooms.

Cotton-polyester Blend

A cotton-polyester mix is another great resource for making towels. The blended composition of these cotton-polyester towels makes them durable and highly absorbent.

These towels can withstand regular use and washing without damage, making them a cost-effective choice. Cotton-polyester towels are wrinkle-resistant, and the polyester percentage in the mix helps prevent wrinkles in the towel. These towels require less maintenance and can be less expensive, making them lucrative business options.

Find Suppliers for Wholesale Towels Today

Towels from synthetic microfiber can be porous but not soft like those from natural fabrics. The best wholesale towels use good resources that provide absorbency and durability.

Towel materials include bamboo, pure cotton, synthetic microfiber, linen, and cotton blended with polyester. Wholesale towel suppliers have all the materials so that you can choose the best one for your needs. Start your search for a quality supplier today.

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