Supplies To Stock Your Vacation Rental With To Meet Your Guests’ Needs

Supplies To Stock Your Vacation Rental With To Meet Your Guests’ Needs

One way to show your vacation rental guests that you care is to welcome them into a well-stocked space. Having everyday supplies available can make a significant impact on your guests’ experience throughout their stay.

Consider furnishing your property with both useful and luxurious items. Here are some popular vacation rental supplies to stock your vacation rental with to meet your guests’ needs:

1. Cleaning Supplies

Sanitation and cleanliness can contribute to a positive guest experience. Stock hand soaps, face tissues, and disinfectant wipes to help clean spills and dirt from different surfaces. You can place disinfectant wipes and face tissues in your vacation rental’s bathrooms for easy access.

Supply your bathrooms with enough hand soap to suit the number of guests and nights booked. Provide dishwasher detergents, glass cleaners, and sponges for your kitchens. You can also stock cleaning gloves, microfiber cloths, spare trash bags, and dustpans to help meet cleaning needs.

2. Towels

Quality vacation rental supplies can improve the functionality and comfort of your rental space. You can stock towels to enhance your bathrooms’ coziness and help guests keep dry. Here are some types of towels to stock:

Hand Towels: Stock your bathroom with several hand towels for your guests to use, coordinating the towel colors to complement the style of your bathroom decor. Consider choosing soft and quality materials that convey luxury, such as 100% premium cotton. Prioritize durability to help them withstand many washes before replacement.

Body Towels: Supply enough body towels so that each guest will have a dry towel to use after each bath or shower. Choose bath towels that provide a balance of luxury and durability. Cotton is highly absorbent and can typically be washed in a washing machine, making it a suitable choice for vacation rental bath towels.

Kitchen Towels: These towels can serve as functional towels and decor features. Stock plenty of kitchen towels as they can become dirty quickly, especially with multiple guests using them. Pick attractive colors and patterns to keep your kitchen space lively. The material should be durable and absorbent, helping guests to wipe up spills and dry dishes and hands easily.

3. Bath Rugs

Bath rugs can enhance the bathing experience and overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Consider providing several bath rugs in each bathroom, strategically placed near the bathtub, toilet, and sink. Your bathroom size and decoration style can help determine the ideal rug shape, size, and pattern.

Bigger sinks may require bigger rug sizes. Choose fast-drying materials like microfiber to dry your guests’ feet after baths. Since water may splash to the floor, stock non-slip bath rugs for increased safety.

4. Bedding and Linen

Providing comfortable bedding can create a suitable sleep environment for your guests. Stock a variety of sheets and bedding for more versatility in different weather conditions, offering your guests a cozy and inviting sleep space in different temperatures.

Some common bedding and linen materials include 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends. Thoughtful extras like cozy blankets, decorative pillows, and spare sets of linens provide an added touch of luxury and convenience. For affordable bedding and linen options, look for possible discounts offered when purchasing wholesale or bulk items.

Stock Vacation Rental Supplies Today

Well-stocked vacation rentals can help create a welcoming and functional environment for your guests. Commonly used items include towels, cleaning supplies, bath rugs, and bedding. You can purchase these items from reputable hospitality suppliers and wholesalers. Contact an experienced distributor today to fulfill your vacation rental needs.

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